Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

What is your involvement?

To apply to a Sutton Trust Pathways Programme, each student must complete and submit the application form and nominate a teacher to verify their application.

All you will then need to do is verify the following details to the best of your knowledge (this usually only takes 10 – 15 minutes):

  • Grades (past and current qualifications)
  • Whether the student has ever been eligible for Free School Meals
  • Whether the student would be in the first generation in their family to attend university
  • Whether the student is or has ever been in care
  • Whether the student has received the 16-18 bursary
    You do not need to be a current teacher.

Application timeline

Step 1

Applications open

September 2023

Step 2

Applications close

October - November 2023

Step 3

Teacher verification

12th November 2023

Step 4

Final decision received

24th November 2023