This is a two-year access scheme which supports Year 12 and 13 students who are interested in studying a finance related degree or wants to pursue a career in the banking or financial sector. Through taking part in this programme, students will partake in:

  • Taster sessions delivered by world leading academics from the Economics, Accounting and Finance departments the LSE
  • Encounter and network with industry experts and employers from top finance firms and banks
  • Participate in workshop sessions to assist with applying for highly selective universities such as the LSE
  • Have the opportunity to undertake a work placement in a bank or finance firm in the city of London. This year, students completed work placements at banks and firms such as NatWest and Deutsche Bank.

Students that graduate from the Pathways to Banking and Finance programme therefore leave with a wealth of experiences, opportunities and support that they may never have had access to without Pathways. Students are also eligible for a contextual offer if they complete the programme.

Application timeline

Step 1

Check you are eligible

You may apply to a Pathways programme if you:

  • Are studying in Year 12 in England or Wales, Year 13 in Northern Ireland, or S5 in Scotland (or equivalent)
  • Attend, and have always attended, a state-funded school or college (non-fee paying) in the UK

Find out more

Step 2

Applications open

It’s a very simple application form, mostly yes/no questions but it does include one longer question[s] as follows –

“Please give a brief personal statement (of no more than 300 words) explaining your suitability for the programme and why you would like to participate”

Early September

Step 3

Applications close

30th October

Step 4

Decisions announced

Dependent on each programme and university – usually early October – early December

October - December

Step 5

Launch of Pathways programme

Dependent on each programme and university – usually around November – December

November - December

Applications closed.

Applications for Pathways to Banking and Finance at LSE for 2023/24 have now closed.